Drones are the perfect solution for performing
Aerial Inspections
of hard to reach places such as :

- Smoke Stack Inspection
- Power Line Aerial Inspection
- Pipe Lines
- Wind Farm / Wind Mill Aerial Inspection
- Roof top damage Inspection
- Solar Panel Inspection
- Bridge Aerial Inspection
- Search and rescue
- Any application requiring aerial video or still photography via remote drone

Here are just four images from the dozens take of all 16 chimneys.
A client was asked to inspect the chimneys on four blocks of apartments.

No access for a cherry picker without causing damage to gardens and would still not be able to extend under certain trees etc. Too costly to install scaffolding just for an inspection

Hire Camerafromabove.com. We provided high resolution photos and video clearly showing the condition of the chimneys. Using a drone allowed us to view all sides of the chimney (not possible from a cherry picker without climbing onto the roof tiles), and cover all four building in less than an hour and leave behind no traces of being there.

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In this example we took 4k video which allowed us to freeze at any point and print off  high res detailed photo