Camera From Above is operated by John Redmond. Having worked as a commercial photographer for 20+ years John brings his trained eye to the skies. His background has given him a unique eye for detail and lighting which he brings to every project.  We use a mix of remote-controlled “drones” and ground based traditional photography/cinematography. We create ultra-smooth, cinematic footage at up to 4k resolution. We use a video downlink from the drone to allow the Pilot/Cameraman, Client or Director view images from the air in real time.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

We also offer ground based filming, photography and video editing. 

We are fully certified by the CAA and carry £2m public liability can operate at altitudes of up to 400ft (120m) Our pilots are PFCO* qualified, adhering to strict safety and operational rules. 

*A Permission for Commercial Operation (PFCO) from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) is required if an Operator wishes to carry out work for commercial consideration.